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Pet Sit Pros of South Orange County takes great pride in providing Professional Pet Sitting and Dog Walking services to you and your beloved pets. We also love to hear back from you when we succeed in delivering the greatest service! If you’d like to provide us with your Testimonial of receiving excellent service from us, we invite you to submit a comment by clicking here.

It is always a bit hard for us to trust who to leave in charge of our home and pets while out of town. We have always had to rely on friends and family to watch over our dogs but they are not always available to pet sit. I know we could do a pet hotel (not that there is anything wrong with them) but our little ones do not do so well when they are not in their own environment, so the option of having someone who knows how to work with dogs coming to our house and taking care of them is priceless. Also, our dog is one of BOL rescues so knowing they offered pet sitting services gave us that extra something we needed in order to feel our dogs will always be in good hands. Pet Sit Pros will make you feel they care for you as much as they care for your dogs, I highly recommend them.

Cristina B.

Amazing service. I have my four little angels that I love dearly and it has been very difficult to find someone that I can trust. I did just that with Pet Sit Pros! Their service is professional and amazing!

Bertha B.

This place is convenient and staff is great and loving with pets. My dog child seems to like it here. It is always hard to find a good pet care place so check this place out!

Corina B.

They took great care of our dog and not only that but they took good care of our home too. While we were away our pipes started to leak water in the garage and because of their attention to things in our absence we were saved from a larger issue waiting for us when we returned. This was our first time using Pet Sit Pros and we will undoubtedly use them again in the future. Thanks so much!

Stacy H.

Was the best pet sitter I have ever hired. Every day I got an update via text how my dogs were doing. Sometimes even a pic, too, which I really appreciated! Being able to communicate each day put my worries at ease. When I came home after being gone for 5 days, my dogs looked happier and more energetic than any other time I have left them. I suspect other dogsitters may not have done all that they promised to do. I feel Pet Sit Pros did all they promised to do and more. I would definitely recommend them!

Joanna R.

Our family has had the privilege of knowing Chris and Ashley Cunningham for years. I never considered myself a pet person, However, we are now the proud owners of 3 of their Barks Of Love rescues. We are SO impressed with the way they run their organization and adoptions. They are thorough and they love their animals! They KNOW dogs and treat them like a member of the family. They care deeply about where each adopted pet goes and if it is the right family. We would trust them with our doggies 100%!! So, although this business is new, their wonderful organization, Barks of Love has been around for years and they have saved so many dogs lives and brightened the lives of the homes they have ended up in. Knowing how they have handled BOL, I know that with Pet Sit Pros, you can not go wrong. You will be impressed!

Lorie B.

This entire experience has brought so much peace of mind and comfort. I have often been held back from making plans because I could not find a pet sitter. The whole process and experience for your pets is very well attended to and cared for. Setting up your appointment on their online registration system is very convenient. There are different services available to cater to your needs and schedule. It is very reassuring they conduct a full due diligence process with their staff and their backgrounds, as well as an agreement that fully describes the scope and expectations of their services. This brings complete peace of mind. The meet and greet session allowed us to get to know their staff and for our kiddies to get better acquainted with them. Through the sitting, they provide updates through the sitting sessions so you know everything is okay. When I returned from my trip, my kiddies were happy, joyful, at ease, and stress free. Usually when I send them to my parents\\\' house to dog sit, as a last resort, they always come home stressed and freaked out! Although I am not sure if that has anything to do with my parents ;) The point is, they can come to your place without having to throw your pets in stressful situations, or environments. Pet Sit Pros also provided a progress report of the kiddies behavior! They also went above and beyond to provide an amazing care package of treats and goodies. Believe me when I say, they provide such a valuable and unmatched service and experience. I look forward to having Pet Sit Pros as our reliable and trustworthy pet sitters! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Carl D.

Wanted to take a moment to thank Pet Sit Pros of South Orange County and Ashley for taking good care of Baby my almost 10 year old beagle. Baby does not trust just anyone. It was my wedding day and for a while I had been looking for a company or dog sitter that could take care of baby but not just to drop him off at the hotel and give him a visit twice. I wanted someone to stay with him since he is not from the area, I could not imagine him barking and crying alone in a hotel room. That is when I found Pet Sit Pros. Ashley was able to put together a customized wedding package for me. Ashley made me feel comfortable from the beginning and had a good feeling. Baby had never met Ashley and Baby automatically was so comfortable leaving with her after our ceremony. Ashley was there on time to receive Baby after walking down the isle. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such good care of my little four legged furry child.


Pet Sit pros were fantastic! We left for Europe on a two week vacation and I was so worried about leaving my two Parrots behind. Chris, from Pet Sit Pros came everyday and did a great job taking care of my two babies. He also sent us pictures periodically with a progress report of what he did each day. He also took out the trash and watered our plants. I highly recommend Pet Sit Pros. The best part was that our birds got to stay home in their comfortable environment and we did not have to take them to a boarding facility. The prices were fairly reasonable as well. We will definitely use them again and can now have piece of mind when we go on vacation.

Daniella P.

I just started using their services after debating for months and months about hiring someone to walk our dog. I have never felt comfortable having someone else handle our large, stubborn and high energy dog, but after the meet and greet with Chris & Ashley - I knew this would be a great choice. Of course our dog is on his best behavior with Chris and I feel better knowing that our dog is receiving love, attention and exercise.

Kelly L.

If you want to know your pets are safe while you are gone, trust no one else but Pet Sit Pros. Ashley and Chris are so personable and truly care about the health and well beings of your pets while you are away. What makes Pet Sit Pros so great is that your animals can remain in their comfortable home environment. PSP comes directly to your home and eliminates the stress and dangers of taking your animals to pet hotels or kennels. They conduct a meet and greet in order to get better acquainted with your needs and your pets needs as well. Not only is their pet care exceptional - they will also go above and beyond and will take out your trash and water your plants while you are away. You can also expect to receive texts with pictures and updates on how your pets are doing! Give yourself some peace of mind and use Pet Sit Pros the next time you need a pet care sitter.

Trent P.


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