7 Amazing Dog-Friendly Home Additions


Here are 7 home improvements that you and your dog will love!

1. A nice cozy closet for leashes, keys, waste bags, and toys. All ready there for your walk routine. pantry_leashes 2. Instead of spending money on a groomer, here is a dog friendly shower for bathing. dog-shower   3. Dogs can have a hard time walking on wooden floors. This is especially true for stairs. Here is an amazing low cost solution. dog_friendly_stairs   4. Dogs love be wherever you are. Sometimes in the kitchen we get busy and distracted and are unaware of our dog behind us. This can be a dangerous situation. This cubby/dog bed is a smart solution. kitchen-dog-bed   5. This kitchen addition will help keep bowls in place and prevent messy spills.  kitchen-for-pet   6. This doggy house is a great space saver. under-stairs 7. Some dogs love the pool but are not the greatest swimmers. This 1 foot pool section solves this problem. Plus it makes it easy for your dog to get out of the pool. dog-pool Via – BarkPost